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Hi there! 

I am SO happy you found your way onto my website - the first step in your journey to becoming your happiest, healthiest and strongest self! 

First, a little about me - I haven't always been 'the fitness girl' but straight from university, where I studied a Law degree, I had a socially isolating job with people very unlike myself. I was busy, tired, drilling myself into the ground and lost the person I once was. I felt rubbish about myself.

I have battled with some mental health and food relationship issues but have since trained as a Level 3 personal trainer, Level 3 GP referral specialist, Level 4 cancer rehabilitation coach, a functional fitness coach and a nutritionist; I have graduated from Mac Nutrition Uni and studied with British Weightlifting and conducted further study in gymnastics to become even better for my clients. I am passionate about continuing to learn while also educating the masses about health and fitness. 

Now, I work with women, fantastic at looking after their gorgeous families, running a home, trying to maintain a social life and work, but in doing so have neglected themselves, their own health, fitness and happiness and found themselves with a poor relationship with their body, food, health and fitness. 

We deep dive into your personal needs and preferences, to give you control back in a way that works for you as an individual, rather than yet another approach marketed as being fabulous but not producing the sustainable and long-term results we are all after. 

Together we work online, in a flexible manner (I fit your systems, not the other way around) to suit hectic lives, on a number of different aspects of health, nutrition, lifestyle and mindset to help you to feel your happiest and healthiest self both inside and out, while we start being a little kinder to ourselves, meeting ourselves where we are at and realising that quick results aren’t sustainable.

Until we feel alive and energised, we cannot best show up for those closest to us every day. 

There are very few individualised and personalised programmes out there with a coach that truly cares and holds your hand every step of the way while also being accessible and flexible alongside your individual lifestyle.

​I am so passionate about what I do and have helped many ladies to build optimal nutrition, exercise and lifestyle habits into their every day in a way that works for them to feel back on top of what has become a hectic life and I would simply love to do the same for you. 

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