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New Year Goal Setting - Let's Go!!

Okay, so we all know that in the run up to the new year we are going to be inundated with emails and social media posts telling us the most weird and wonderful ways to achieve what we want to as 2024 rocks around – most likely linked to weight loss and the way our bodies look.

Take on that advice and we’re all going to look absolutely fabulous and all of the problems we have ever had will be gone come February – right? Actually, probably not, because these things don’t help you to do it in, what I would consider to be, the right way.

But for now, let’s talk about a positive way to set resolutions or goals because I am all about fresh motivation if it gives us the boost we need – of course, we can set goals in a similar way at any time of the year but if we can capitalise on a time when we are feeling ready and raring to go, then why wouldn’t we?

I do think though it’s super important to reflect on what is positive first and what we would like to carry through to next year. What feels great about our health and fitness this year? What went well? What wins can we take?

Then; what needs work? Why does it need work? What would it mean to you if you got that sorted? How would that make you feel?

Pen and paper and make some scribbles on those things!

Once you know the habits and actions that we want to see more of, longer-term in the next year we need to think about what the barriers have been to achieving these things up to now? Why haven’t we achieved that already?

Once we have answered these questions for ourselves, we can figure out the changes we need to make in order to overcome those barriers and make achieving what would really make a difference, feel seamless. If we don’t, however, work on breaking down those barriers and just focus on trying and trying again to do the same thing we have always done – we are going round in circles and largely wasting our time.

Then we have to start – we have the actions and habits that we want to achieve regularly that are going to take us towards our bigger goals. We have identified and broken down the barriers to achieving those things. Now I need you to diarise those actions and habits – start intentionally putting them in place in a structured way to start off with, reminders on your phone, notes in the diary, things like that – eventually they will become common place, habitual if you like but for now, let’s work on them in a small, manageable way.

Then the final step is going to be to regularly reflect – is what we had planned working as you thought, hoped and expected? If not, why not? Is it taking you closer to those bigger goals that you have for yourself? Closer to the person that you want to become? If not, something has to change and that will look different for you all, it’s not for me to decide some meaningful goals for you but what is important is that we set them and we break them down in a manageable way.

If you feel that you would like some help and support in this then please give me a shout at or find me on Facebook or Instagram at AnnaLouiseCoaching or LinkedIn as Anna-Louise Powell. I’d simply love to help you kickstart the year well! Whether it’s a wider health goal, a performance goal or something nutrition or lifestyle focussed, I would love to hear what you have got your sights set on! This year WILL be different to the rest, we will not see those resolutions slip by the end of January.

Peace and love for the remainder of the year lovely ladies – let’s get it! A x

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