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Do you have meaningful goals?

Updated: Dec 18, 2023

So, if COVID has bought us anything beneficial (it has, in fact, bought lots of positives so stop that negative attitude right away) it’s the realisation that the healthier we are, the more likely we are to remain fighting fit. The stats and studies show us that pretty clearly.

We have seen many ‘fitness people’ test positive for COVID and experience nasty symptoms, I know, but what we have failed to realise that many of those individuals arguably train too much and eat too little causing their immune system to be at virtually rock bottom. Those asymptomatic folks are often fit and healthy. The same is seen in those considered to be obese generally, low levels of health, low immune systems, more effected by COVID than most other areas of the population.

How is it then that some people STILL cannot see the benefit in dropping excess weight, getting out in the fresh air and getting enough natural daylight, minimising stress, sleeping well, training smartly and eating NUTRIENTS?

Why can we still not reframe fitness to look like being ready for LIFE, rather than drilling ourselves into the ground, depriving ourselves of the things we enjoy, sleeping like garbage, being stressed as hell and sitting on our asses most of the day?

How about we get you ready to carry your shopping home all on one arm while your other prevents your three-year-old from flying over the road to see the nearest dog?

How about we get you off that list for that knee operation? (that’s totally feasible, you know, one of my clients is living it right now)

How about you FEEL fabulous and able to agree when your friends invite you for a drink or two after work because you know how to navigate your nutrition and fit it into a healthy lifestyle and have the energy to have a wonderful time past 6pm?

How about we get you in a place where you’ll still be able to wipe your own bum at 70!?

Maybe getting on top of your health now is the key. I get it. It’s hard to see further down the line. You’ll deal with it when you get there, right?! That attitude never served anyone well. When you get there, it might just be too late.

Feeling like crap about yourself every morning when you wake up? That truly breaks my heart. I promise you it doesn’t have to be like that for you. It isn’t easy but it’s oh so worth it.

Peace and love, A x

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