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Why have I gained fat in the menopause?

Updated: Dec 10, 2023

You’ve come to ‘that age’ and you’re noticing more body fat around that middle – uncomfy, right?! You feel like the only person in the world to experience it. Why does everyone else seem to do okay but since you had babies and got a little bit older that belly fat just won’t shift. Was never like that in your twenties – hey?!

Throughout your menopause, oestrogen levels drop creating all those nasty side effects when you’re lying awake at night, feeling low for no apparent reason and feeling stressed when really, nothing too much in life has changed – all these things can contribute to fat gain, not least because they affect your behaviour around food!

‘Binge’ eating is very prevalent amongst women of menopausal age too – I know you can relate, you are so ‘good’ but as soon as you have a little bit, all of a sudden, the whole Dairy Milk is gone and you’ve undone it all. It’s all too common.

Hardly surprising when you’re feeling low, stressed, tired and out of control of that glorious bod of yours that probably blessed you with the most gorgeous family.

As ladies we go through PMT (pre-menstrual tension) throughout our lives but during the menopause, oestrogen levels go fairly haywire and it can feel like PMT but RAMPED UP but also impact the metabolism and the way that we store our body fat – namely reducing that metabolic rate and increasing the appetite, obviously not helpful if you have weight loss goals.

Those undertaking HRT (hormone replacement therapy) are likely to experience less fat gain at this time but pre, peri or post-menopausal, it’s SO important that ladies work with a coach that is clued up on the effect that this can have on you as a woman and how this may affect you mentally. Largely because this will in turn influence the achievement of your goals and how we can manipulate coaching and approaches to set you up best for success – after all why should you just have to live with it and accept it as a challenging phase of life and not go after what you really want?! You absolutely shouldn’t and don’t have to.

DO NOT work with anyone that doesn’t take your menstrual cycle, hormonal fluctuations and challenges in life as a lady into account – be it a personal trainer, nutritionist or coach, if they aren’t talking to you about this stuff, they are neglecting so much of what may be affecting your ability to achieve your goals, weight loss or otherwise.

Any questions or anything you’d like to go into some more just shout – I LOVE this stuff!

Peace and love, A x

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