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Vitamin D and COVID

Updated: Dec 10, 2023

So why do I harp on about vitamin D?

You’re all sick to death of hearing the C-word I know, COVID, coronavirus, it’s boring now, I know, but hear me out.

You may or may not have noticed there is a bit of chat around COVID and vitamin D levels in our bodies just now and what effect that may have on our health during the global pandemic we’re currently in the midst of, this is because, unsurprisingly, there have been scientists at work!

The research coming out at the moment is suggesting that perhaps those with lower vitamin D are more likely to ‘suffer’ from COVID symptoms i.e. get it worse, than those that have sufficient vitamin D should they contract the virus. As a result we have seen increasing numbers of reccomendations for vitmin D supplementation despite some claiming 'they' (whoever 'they' are) are trying to keep it quiet for funding and profit reasons. Don’t know about you, but I’m bored of the conspiracy theoriest cults by now?!

All I’m saying is they’re a bit late to the party if you ask me – I’ve been harping on about this years now but I won’t mention it…

We do need to be somewhat careful with the research findings though, as ever, particularly as the virus is so new on the block. No long-term, absolutely concrete findings are always a warning flag.

There are also many confounding factors to consider – when people are tested for low vitamin D levels there are a number of other factors at play. You will find that those with sufficient vitamin D in the UK, particularly at this time of year often, not always, but often take a number of other health markers into account. They often spend plenty of time outdoors because, as we know, we get most of our vitamin D through exposure to natural daylight, as a result they are generally more active than those that spend plenty of time indoors, probably on their asses. They tend to have lower body fat levels – this is GENERALLY remember, I’m not talking everyone and they also tend to be younger – not least because we produce less vitamin D as we age. So, is it any wonder these people might cope with a positive COVID diagnosis than those with lower vitamin D? Maybe it isn’t down to their vitamin D levels at all? Now I’m all for us all getting out in natural daylight for as much D as we can, but just a thought…

Yet another illustration as to why we ought to be careful about the ways in which we interpret scientific research.

BUT, that being said…

Supplementing with vitamin D had so many benefits before COVID came along and so continues to do so. The VERY vast majority of us in the UK, especially at this time of the year, are deficient. So maybe you should just get a good quality supplement down you anyway? COVID or not, I would say, given it won’t break the bank for most, it’s more than worth it, even if on the off-chance you’re protected a little from symptoms of the dreaded C…

I’ll just be over here knocking back my daily vitamin D supplement…peace and love x

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