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New year lessons, resolutions and goals

Updated: Dec 10, 2023

I feel stronger than ever, braver than ever, I know that whatever I want to do now, I will make it work – 2021, I’m coming!

What’s funny is that this time last year and in the years gone by it all seemed so far away. While I’m not where I want to be yet…that, still, seems a long way away, I know I can and will get there – where ‘there’ is, right now, I don’t really know but I’m confident and content with now. I’m getting excited for life again, I forgot what that felt like…but being able to organise a trip or two might help too…sort us out Bozza?!

So, some things from me this year (and from allllll the endless work I’ve done in the last 6 or so years too):

NEVER do ‘stuff’ because others think or feel you should – do things for you and only you, only that way will make you happy. Chasing things for others is not at all fulfilling. The ones that care the most just want to see you happy so you just do you.

Outgrowing people in your life is okay.

Outgrowing your goals is okay.

Outgrowing the way things once worked for you is okay.

When you outgrow these things finding new people, new goals and new ‘things’ is okay.

You better be having fun with EVERYTHING you do.

Don’t you dare do anything because everyone else is or you feel you have to – if you aren’t enjoying it, don’t do it, what’s the point?

Take the leap – you might regret it later, there’s some serious stuff I regret a little just now but if I never had tried I’d feel even worse and I know that. Just do it. You’ll make it work if you have to.

Talk. Always talk. Cry if you want.

Tomorrow needs you – don’t you dare give up.

Just keep going, just take that next step, just one more, that’s all it is.

You owe nothing to anyone in terms of who you are or what you do.

You better be doing something that inspires you, that makes you feel like you are living, that comes from the very inside of who you are, that you absolutely love.

Be so true to your vibe – never stray from that.

Protect your energy – DO NOT let negativity pull you down – this is BIG.

We have no idea what the future holds, what’s coming – it could be worse, equally we could be about to experience that glorious dawn – whatever it is, you will be okay. Remember, just one more step.

There was a time when you would have given a lot for what you currently have.

Equally, there are people in the world that would kill to be in your position.

Women – train to be strong, build muscle and build confidence. Eat for health and longevity. NOT to be ‘thin’ or a smaller version of your wonderful self.

You can’t please everyone – there are people in the world you don’t like, not really for any reason, they just aren’t for you. You are that person for some. The quicker you can accept that the more at peace you can be with who you are.

There is no such thing as luck.

Smile. Smile for you and smile for others.

Peace and love for 2021, wishing you a glorious new year. A x

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