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Everything you need to know about blood pressure.

Updated: Dec 18, 2023

Essentially, in very simple terms, blood pressure is the force that drives the blood through the body and can be influenced by blood vessels being constricted and therefore narrowed or by plaque on the walls of our arteries.

When this plaque builds up, this is known as atherosclerosis and can lead to a number of heart conditions including heart disease, heart attack and strokes.

Any changes in the output of the heart or resistance to blood flow will increase blood pressure.

Pressure is always greater just after the heart has contracted and is firing blood around the body, as the blood returns to the heart, pressure is much less without the contraction of the heart behind it. This is the reason that when blood pressure is measured there are two figures, one for each phase of the heart’s contraction.

When we exercise the blood output of the heart increases with an increased heart rate and therefore blood pressure will rise during exercise. However, if elevated above what is wanted for the health of an individual this can pose a significant health risk. These problems come about as a result of certain conditions or less than optimal lifestyle choices primarily.

When blood pressure is high at rest it is known as hypertension – there is often a lack of immediate symptoms so it is worth optimising your lifestyle and getting checked regularly. If it goes undetected it can cause damage to arteries which may eventually lead to coronary heart disease.

A little brain gains for you this Monday – do you know what your blood pressure is looking like at the moment?

Yet another reason to optimise that nutrition and find some enjoyable physical activity for YOU as an individual – I happen to know someone that can help you there.

Peace and love, A x

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