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Cycling to Ghana - or it felt like it anyway!

Updated: Nov 17, 2023

MY 12 HOUR CYCLE RIDE in aid of my trip to Ghana which is flying around!

I might have mentioned I did a little something last week. Up to a couple of days later I was in no position to go on about it here. I was tired and overwhelmed with love but I can't explain how wholesome the day was. It started with me getting on the bike at 4.50 (10 minutes early to allow for four wee breaks), without having filled up my water bottle. 10 minutes later, one of my most wonderful friends turned up with a big old bottle to keep me going. Coffee in hand, he stayed for a chat and then cycled alongside me for an hour. Then they kept coming, friends and my wonderful Pops kept me smiling early doors. Surely the sore butt is one of those things that gets bad but then reaches a point where it doesn't really get much worse? Well, I couldn't have been more wrong. 3.5 hours in I was questioning my ability to continue from a mental perspective and I didn't think my butt could take anymore!! That will teach me for embarking on such things with so little specific training! We kept ticking - always a friendly face alongside me. Friends came, people popped in and out of the gym to do their own thing, babies, dogs, the lot. Then my absolute saviour - Jane arrived with a big old coffee at exactly the right time. We continued to cycle. I then got the best surprise in the world when Mumma and my beautiful twin sister surprised me from 100 miles away, shortly followed by a wonderful family friend. They bought donations, smiles, morale and CAKE. From then on the time flew. The kindness of others overwhelmed me, the donations people so generously gave before, during and since the day have blown me away. The thing that kept me going the very most was to know that I had some of my favourite people closing out the day with me, followed by a trip to the shops for a big old dinner shop! Mike came, Pops came back and some lovely friends too and we trundled on with me until 5pm totalling 144 miles in my leggies at the end of the day. What. A. Day. Thank you all so much - you are wonderful.

Peace and love x

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