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Dairy is NOT the devil! Diary free diets - yes or no?

Updated: Nov 22, 2023

We have all heard the rumours, dairy gives you cancer, acne, increases cholesterol, contains antibiotics, the list goes on…hey, some of us have even cut dairy out in a bid to achieve weight loss!

Yep…guilty! Disclaimer, it didn’t work, in fact it had the total opposite effect and I felt horrific at the time and even worse when trying to introduce it back in again. I distinctly remember being away with my family around my birthday a few years ago and having a fairly dairy heavy meal after having not had it for a while…I was so poorly and just couldn’t wait to get home. My eating habits at the time were also largely secret; not big, not clever and HUGELY unhealthy.

Unless you have a diagnosed dairy intolerance, are working with a dietician or have very strong ethical views surrounding the dairy industry, I would absolutely not recommend cutting ANY food groups out, least of all dairy.

Dairy has been associated with lower insulin resistance, decreased chance of diabetes, a lower heart attack, heart disease and stroke risk and lower inflammation levels in the body.

Despite what paleo advocates and Netflix might tell you, the evidence strongly supports that regular dairy intake can protect against chronic disease and enhance wellness. This was shown as recently as 2016 in a study conducted by Thorning et al if you were interested in getting geeky. They also showed positive changes in body composition and favourable weight loss in those that regularly consumed dairy products with little to no adverse effects of consumption of such things.

That plant-based milk that you’re convinced is better for you? Think of everything you’re missing out on, not least the rest of the fantastic vitamins, minerals and protein in dairy options…get that latte down ya!

Peace and love, A x

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