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Should we all be eating a plant-based diet?

Updated: Dec 10, 2023

So one of my gorgeous clients embarked on the Veganuary challenge this year in a bid to learn more about her glorious body, experiment with what felt good and what perhaps didn't feel so good and to kick off the year with something new and fresh! Together we worked on a HEALTHY way to implement this change.

Here she tells us all about her experience and transition to a more plant-based style of eating long-term!

Why Veganuary?

I decided to give veganuary ago because I had tried it previously a few years ago and really struggled what eat. What was and wasn’t vegan. But I had realised over the last year how my meat consumption had drastically reduced. I have had a lot of problems with digestion, ibs and thought it would be an opportunity to see how a vegan diet would effect this.

How did your body react?

My body reacted ok, I felt problems with bloating, wind etc especially with certain pulses which I needed to get my protein up. My skin texture and completion improved loads.

Did it affect your training?

At this time it was difficult to assess as my normal CrossFit and running training was on hold due to lock down. But energy and the training I was doing at the time, I didn’t feel was affected at all.

Favourite Vegan recipe?

Quorn and black bean Burritos

Favourite new food that you tried?

Black beans, so versatile. Did a great black bean brownie.

Did you manage to get enough protein?

It was always a struggle, and had to supplement with protein powder.

Was it tricky with a family?

Yes could be very tricky, eating a lot of separate meals.

Did you find shopping harder? Or more expensive?

Some things can be expensive but they do last a while. Some vegan food especially processed ones are expensive for what they are. I found shopping the same. Once you get the basic Store cupboard stuff, I think it is actually cheaper which you are eating proper food. But lots more prep work needed to ensure you are eating well.

What did you learn?

I learnt that I was eating way too much dairy for MY body. Learnt how to get more protein from sources other than meat. That not all vegan food is healthy, still junk sometimes. That vegan isn’t right for everyone.

Will you be keeping it up?

Not entirely, in a family it is difficult to maintain. Struggled with getting my protein as I have some food intolerances, almonds and soya. But I have greatly reduced my intake of dairy, which I wouldn’t of thought to do with out trying vegan out.

Have you tried to implement a more plant-based diet? What is one piece of advice you might have for anyone thinking about trying?

Peace and love, A x

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