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Getting Healthy the Right Way – Vonnie’s Success Story (so far)!

Tell us more about you and why you decided you would like to work on your health?

I have been fluctuating with my weight for some time and never able to stay on track and I love to go out with my friends and have a drink and loved my food and sweet tooth! But after much yo-yoing I decided I needed help so since starting with Primal Instinct gym they recommended Anna as a nutritionist but also due to suffering from many migraines and wanting to know if it was my diet or a specific thing (turns out cow’s milk fresh gives me migraines).

What were your goals at the beginning of your journey? Have they changed at all up to now? Have you achieved any and set new ones?

My goal was to lose weight and break bad habits but not in a race quick fix! Longevity!

How have these things integrated into your lifestyle?

Being able to be accountable for my actions and on a Sunday, if hungover, I wouldn’t go for the KFC anymore and make sure I still cook, be fresh and prepare.

What motivates you the most?

The fact I am now in a size 12 and need new clothes!

What’s your favourite thing about coaching?

The weekly check ins are great, they keep me on track and I can be totally honest as it’s a journey that isn’t perfect and Anna coaches me to allow this to be ok!

What have you found the most difficult since starting?

Getting up at half 5 every morning has been tough but the benefits I have gained are irreplaceable and the way I feel every day is amazing.

What’s been the biggest surprise to you throughout our coaching together so far?

The little habits that I can kick (and have kicked) that seem so simple, it’s been hard to implement but I have done it and come such a long way!

Has it lived up to expectations so far?

It has, and more, and it’s the best money I have spent and an investment along with the Primal membership, they have helped me stay focused.

Favourite ‘healthy’ recipe? And favourite ‘indulgence’?

Healthy - chicken tray bake or a salmon salad

Indulgence - beef chow mein

Any tips for anyone embarking on their own health and fitness journey?

It’s not easy but when you see the results it spurs you on and the energy you get from it, I can’t believe. I don’t want to go back to the sluggish unhealthy person,

What’s next on this journey for you?

Keep losing weight and getting fitter! I still have a long way to go transitioning through and out of COVID and the diary is busy so it’s about managing that going forward.

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