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Jane's Success So Far - You won't find a stronger lady than this one!

Jane came to me, probably a couple of years ago now for personal training, we don't do nutrition coaching together, just training as she has a pretty good handle on that side of things herself eating in a way that helps her manage her own needs and preferences. Jane is one of the most wonderful people I have ever met, she is strong in so many ways and talks about her mindset in this blog. I look forward to our weekly sessions so much because I know she is going to give it everything that she has got and is SO keen to achieve - a drive that she has certainly passed onto her equally lovely daughter who also started with me not too long ago.

The biggest win for me with Jane when she sent me this little write up is not only the evident enjoyment she gets from our weekly meet up, despite having her own impressive set up at home, but that her quality of life is drastically improved with a vast reduction in arthritic pain.

Finally, before the real gold, I promise I don't poke, prod or hit my clients with sticks!!

'My first fitness epiphany occurred age 21, I was given a free visit to Tony Ford health club.

I enjoyed the gym and joined the club but had no particular goal or direction at that time. Just something to do.

As time went by and my fitness levels improved Tony would talk about training with ‘intensity’ and ‘speed’ together with a mental approach described as nasty or aggressive. He had not long retuned from the commonwealth games having won gold in the weightlifting light heavyweight category. That advice and mental attitude became ingrained in every training session and gave me goals to go for higher reps and/or more weights. So what motivated me then was getting success if I worked at it.

At age 47, after several years scaled beck due to child rearing I decided to try running because it would fit in with family life.

Again that memory of mental application kicked in and before long was running several miles and then that became trying to run those miles faster.

I Joined a running club and competed in road races and cross country for a number of years and occasionally I still do.

Age 52 saw me return to the gym and resume weight training which combined with running took my strength and fitness to new levels. Having more time now to devote to my interests I found that the more challenging the exercise the more I was driven to accomplishing it. It was around this time I age 52 I started to focus alot on nutrition and how it could assist in achieving fitness strength goals.

Juicing dark greens and other veg (never fruit) became part of my diet together with making my own kefir from scratch which I take on a daily basis. In the last 5 years I have become a lot less reliant on carbohydrates and follow a Keto carnivore high fat diet as prescribed by American Dr Ken Berry.

A few years ago a became interested in the benefits of CrossFit and in 2014 invested in a shwinn air bike and a pair of 5kg dumbbells and incorporated workouts of my own with these two bits of kit. I have to say it snowballed a bit from there and I now have a gym that can compete with the best with the additions I have made. However, nothing beats the accountability that comes from having coach Anna standing over me with a big stick (well a piece of pipe) to keep my output at its best.

I be would say in the last 18 months I have made more advances in my fitness journey than at any other period of my life. I have tried so many new things in CrossFit and have been truly astonished at what can still be achieved at the age of 65 when most would be thinking of a quieter life by now.

I still have the ambition to go for new goals and striving for them is what motivates me on to the next session. To be fair all of it is difficult I don’t find any of it easy but it would not be a challenge if it was easy.

Through Anna there had been so many revelations that nothing surprises me any more. I have quite painful arthritic knees and these have seen massive improvements in range of movement in her handling of squats that has seen me gradually get to a depth I didn’t even achieve in my 20’s.

Coaching has lived up to all of my expectations so far and I know there is still a lot more to come and a lot more stuff to try with Anna when the time is right for it.'

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