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Ladies, let's talk hormones.

Are your hormones fluctuating at the right times as they should? Is the reason you can’t lose weight due to your hormones? What can you do about that? Should you have HRT if you could be experiencing the menopause? Should I be on hormonal contraception? If so, what type?! It’s a bloody minefield!!

The hormonal contraception is a pretty personal one for me that I’m battling through at the moment.

What we do know is that, especially for us ladies, are hormone health is absolutely pivotal for our general feelings of wellbeing, mental health and physical health both included.

Let’s start at the top. It’s important to remember that our hormone fluctuations and actual levels of each are very individual, what is normal for one, will not be for another – what works to make my body feel good may be waaaaaaaaay too much for you or vice versa.

This is my call to action for you!

It’s fairly important, or at least I think so, that we tune into our bodies, listen to what they are telling us, educate ourselves around what this may mean and act accordingly to help us feel our best selves and in turn live our best lives.

If we do this, we can make lifestyle changes, nutritional changes and exercise changes so that we can fire at our personal best. We will also be able to distinguish between it is negative lifestyle behaviours or our hormones or menopause causing us to feel rubbish rather than using the usual guess work that we see so often. Get to grips with this and you will know what the best course of action to take from there is to help you to FEEL as fabulous as you deserve to. We will know more about our fertility, period regularity – alllllll the good stuff.

A couple of apps I’ve had pretty great success with over the past couple of months in terms of learning when I could be ovulating amongst other things are Clue and Femometer – this works off your basal body temperature amongst many other clever little things you input into the app which is a great indicator of when you may ovulate. I hope to become artificial hormone free in the not-too-distant future so learning my own body in order to do this is super important for me as I think it should be for us all.

Do you track your period? I’d love to know how you get on.

Peace and love, A x

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