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Some harsh truths about your weight loss and health journey!

Updated: Dec 18, 2023

Ladies, we are told so much by the media around our health, if we believed everything that we read then we wouldn’t leave the house in the morning – but that would be bad for us too, right? So today, a short and sharp chat about your weight loss journey for you. Simple points but dealing with the basics first is absolutely number one, mindset included.

- Not matter what modern schools of thought will have you believe, having a weight loss goal isn’t wrong. We all would probably be lying if we said we didn’t have some sort of aesthetic goal. For me, performance goals are better though. Focus on a fitness endeavour and long-term, healthy lifestyle changes will come – the aesthetic will follow. 

- Instant results don’t last. Lifestyle changes take weeks and months, not days, don’t expect progress right now. A diet isn’t a success if it leaves you in the same place in weeks, months or years to come.

- There is NO secret food, supplement or diet. If there was, do you not think we’d ALL know about it right now rather than be in the middle of an obesity epidemic? If it seems too good to be true then it probably is. I’ll say it again – long-term lifestyle changes, not quick fixes.

- You HAVE to be consistent over time – this is all of the previous points put together. Have a weight loss goal? You didn’t put your unwanted weight on overnight, did you? So, it isn’t going to come off that way either. I read something online recently that said ‘Don’t go back to less just because you are too impatient to wait for better’ – I love that.

- If dieting is miserable, it isn’t a success. We do all of this health and fitness stuff in a bid to feel better both physically and mentally about ourselves, right? It’s all well and good going out feeling great in the way that you look but if you can’t have fun with friends and are lacking the energy needed to have a boogie then what’s the point?

- A spicy one - if Slimming World worked for you – then why did you put all your unwanted weight back on? The definition of a successful diet is weight maintenance. It didn’t work. 

- Something to consider, especially as we go into the new year - does your transformation challenge provide you with any education as to how to live your life healthily beyond there? If not, move on.

- Abs will NOT make you happy, enjoying a BBQ with friends and family will, as will a couple of glasses of vino with the girls or an ice cream with the kids which I would say is FAR healthier than sitting in on your own eating chicken and broccoli while the rest of your friends are out having a wonderful time. 

- No-one actually cares what you weigh except you. Do you really think your kids care about your gravitational pull towards the earth? No, they care about the energy that you have running around in the park or the ability to lift them up above your head and swing them around until they belly laugh.

Got it? Marvellous. Now go and tell someone you love them just the way they are. Peace and love, A x

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