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Why eating less might not be helping your goals.

Updated: Dec 1, 2023

Stop starving yourself. Yes I’m talking to you…

Whether you do CrossFit, are a gym goer, running or anything of the like, if you’ve found yourself here the likelihood is that you’re active in some way, shape or form.

You may have a fat loss or body composition goal but I am here to remind you today that EATING LESS IS NOT ALWAYS THE ANSWER! Especially if you want to feel fabulous and keep making training progress.

Are you exhausted regularly? Are you feeling like you are missing that extra gear? Do you rely on caffeine every day? You MUST eat at a level that is sustainable and continuing to support your training. Fuel that beautiful, strong body.

You do not need to starve yourself of carbs – that age-old idea of Paleo in CrossFit is archaic at best for most people.

You need to find a way to fuel and move in a way that makes you feel great – otherwise, what are we doing all this for? So that you can feel weak and miserable as you drag your ass through every day?

Rest when you need to and continue to fuel your day when you do – you do not have to exercise to earn the right to eat.

Inadequate fuelling will result in a metabolism crash, zero training progress, wrecked immune system and hormonal function and you will also likely experience psychological damage.

Please, please work to find a balance here and if you need the assistance of a coach – you know where I am!

Peace and love, A x

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