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The ONE thing you have to do for your health as a menopausal woman!

What’s fabulous is that we are seeing more and more chat around health, fitness and the menopause and you know I am ALL about that, alongside many other aspects of clinical health, especially where women are concerns.

Having had (and actually continue to have) my fair share of hormone problems, and having experienced what a potential early menopause might feel like in terms of the hormonal changes that have happened in my body, despite not technically being menopausal, I can relate pretty well to feeling as though something just isn’t right and you can’t go on living that way. You aren’t you anymore and can’t put your finger on why. When will I start to feel ‘normal’ again?

Well, I’m passionate about us all, through every stage of life, putting ourselves in a position whereby we can thrive in the best way we can in our own individual circumstances. One of the way in which we can help ourselves out in this when living around our menopausal years is to lift weights in your exercise.

Resistance training is almost absolutely number one here!!

Body weight resistance, resistance bands, powerlifting, body building, circuits classes with a weighted element – it ALL counts here!

The research tells us strongly that working on our strength can be huge in reducing menopause symptoms, including hot flushes and the psychological impact that the menopause can often have (a big one!!).

Something as simple as incorporating a few weighted exercises into your exercise routine – who knew!? We don’t need to be knocking back thousands of supplements immediately after all.

Empower yourself amongst many other things and let’s find a way to introduce a little more weighted exercise into our lives.

This is, of course, something I can help with so if you would like some guidance then just pop me an email. I’d love to hear from you!

You WILL NOT get ‘bulky’ – just feeling fabulous, and how can we say no to that?!

Peace and love, A x

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