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What's yo' beef?! Should you eat red meat?

Updated: Nov 22, 2023

You’ve all heard that red meat is disastrous for your health and for the environment…well I’m here to reassure you that it isn’t all bad. Red meat, on it's own, doesn't give you cancer.

Acknowledging that there is still research to do in the area and that the subject of red meat can become complex when people start harping on about high fat content etc. a bit of beef and bacon in your life isn’t going to cause you to drop down dead as some would have you believe. We have to look at a holistic approach to our wellness.

First things first, you CAN have lean red meat…it isn’t all fat laden. There is also a difference between processed and unprocessed red meats. Billy Bear ham is very different to lean beef mince.

Secondly, reading articles and headlines that compare red meat consumption with smoking is not helpful, scientific or in the least bit relevant.

A lot of the research bringing about results that put red meat in a bad light need to be approached with caution due to their research methods and with consideration of the subjects involved. Often it comes about that red meat brings about adverse effects on health when it could be entirely feasible that the red meat eaters used in the studies are merely less ‘health seeking’ individuals in general in numerous areas of their lives – we must take this research with a pinch of salt (exactly how I like my steak seasoned!!), and consider confounding and mediating variables that are difficult to control.

Don’t knock all of the protein, vitamins and minerals that can be found in red meat before you are in the know gang! A bacon sarnie is the least of your worries when it’s mopping up your sins from the night before…trust me!

Peace and love, A x

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